Iraq Veterans Against the War Oregon Chapter

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Other Organizations that help veterans:

If you don't see what you're looking for, contact us, and our team of google experts will track it down for you. There are many resources throughout the North West, rural Oregon, and national groups that we are aware of. Contact us if you'd like your group listed.

Returning Veterans Project - Provides free mental health and certain medical resources for veterans in the Portland area

Returning Veterans Project

Coffee Strong - Provides free resources for veterans (and free coffee) at Fort Lewis, WA.

Coffee Strong

The Farmer-Veteran Coalition - Provides education and grants to help veterans start their own farm.

Farmer-Veteran Coalition

No Soldier Left Behind - Provides mentorship, assistance, and family-friendly outtings for veterans.
No Soldier Left Behind

IVAW National


Good Info on VA Mortgages and loans - from

Other communities:

Veterans for Peace


Veterans for Peace Chapter 72 (Portland)

VFP Chapter 72

GI Voice

GI Voice

Mesothelioma Center

Mesothelioma Center- provides the most current information on top doctors across the nation treating mesothelioma, assistance for veterans as well as a comprehensive guide to mesothelioma cancer.
VA Claim assistance page

Portland Central America Solidarity Committee